123 PPV Software Full Features

Powerful Java Chat Server

High Performance:

The multi-threaded Java server works like clockwork with high-load support, ensuring unprecedented performance with any number of users.

Secure communication:

First thing first, ever since the birth of 123 PPV Software, the security issue is taken good care of. The java chat server uses RSA encryption algorithm, so the communication among your users will be perfectly guaranteed.


123 PPV Software Java Chat Server can seamlessly integrate to your user database no matter what database it is.

Better stability:

123 PPV Software can afford 4,000 to 5,000 concurrent users online per Java Chat server with a rather low load.

Better scalability:

If you're running a small or medium dot-com company now and expect the chat software can be scalable enough to serve the increasing users, 123 PPV Software's Java chat server unmatchable scalability could meet the concurrent requests ranged from thousands to millions.

Embedded HTTP Server:

With the embedded web server of the unique java chat server itself, you can access and publish 123 PPV Software Client even without any external HTTP Server installed, such as apache, IIS, etc.

Embedded Video Server:

A video server is already embedded to the java chat server, which can support webcam chat features for the small-sized websites.


No matter what operating platform you are using, Windows or Linux or Mac, etc., 123 PPV Software Java Chat Server runs well on all platforms supported jre 1.5 and above. By the way, 123 PPV Software is also cross-browser.


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