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FREE Facebook-like IM Code Generator

TOPCMM unveils a free Facebook-like web messenger for your website. It can be added to any webpages with some simple code. Here is an easy code generator. Entering your domain name as the host name and preview the free web messenger, to create your own Facebook-like Web Messenger.

Note: No integration will be done by the code generator, cause it's written by a programmer, not by a magician;-)


http:// Add a Free Chat Room Too
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Free Web Messenger Java Script Code



It's possible to integrate the free IM with your user database, too. You can get the user name from session or cookie on your website and log them in automatically as guests.

Please add the following variables into the code generated above, then put them to every webpages with the IM, for example:

<script language="javascript">
var username_123webmessenger=<?php echo $_SESSION['user'];?>

Pros and Cons of the Free Web Messenger


1) The Facebook-like web messenger is hosted by TOPCMM 123 Web Messenger, free of charge, no connection limit, and provide the basic one to one chat functions.
2) The users of your website can still enter the web messenger using their names on the website, if the integration is done correctly.


1) Although the usernames in website can be integrated to 123 Web Messenger, they will automatically enter IM as guests. e.g., sharon(guest), which means others can login the IM using sharon manually too.
2) The hosted IM is not dedicated to your website only, other users are possible to choose the same host name and share the hosted IM with you.
3) No admin, no settings
4) No permenant friends, friends can be added to the friend list temporarily but won't be saved for next logon.

So you are recommended to upgrade by purchasing a license or hosted chat.
The license fee will be one-time fee for a life time, and the hosted chat fee will be recurrent fee.

Comparison: Free VS. Charged Hosting

Buy 123 Web Messenger License or Hosting Service

* Note

1.Make Money from Your Free Web Messenger

You have the opportunity to generate revenue when your site visitors purchase 123 Web Messenger if you sign up the Affiliate-System.

2.Manage 123 Web Messenger

If you would like to get integration 123 Web Messenger with your website seamlessly and enjoy a video chat, please check out the flexible 123 Web Messenger Hosting Solution
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