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How to add a Chat Room to vBulletin 4.x?

How to add a Chat Room to vBulletin 4.x?

To add a feature-rich chat room to your vBulletin 4.x, please refer to the following instructions.
Installation Level: Immediately. Installation Time: ~5 Minutes.

Firstly, please download vBulletin 4.x chat module, and uncompress the package, then you get a folder Upload, a file product-123flashchat.xml and a README.
Download Now

Then copy the following files.

1. Copy: Upload/123flashchat.php
To: <vBulletin installed directory>/123flashchat.php
This file is very essential to your vBulletin chat room.

2. Copy: Upload/login_chat.php
To: <vBulletin installed directory>/login_chat.php

3. Copy: Upload/fchat.php
To: <vBulletin installed directory>/fchat.php

4. Copy: Upload/includes/functions_chat.php
To: <vBulletin installed directory>/includes/functions_chat.php

5. Copy: Upload/includes/xml/cpnav_123flashchat.xml
To: <vBulletin installed directory>/includes/xml/cpnav_123flashchat.xml

6. Copy: images/misc/123flashchat.png
To: <vBulletin installed directory>/images/<your template folder>/misc/123flashchat.png

7. Copy all files in folder: Upload/admincp
To: <vBulletin installed directory>/admincp/

Secondly, upload the XML file from your computer.

Please enter your vBulletin website admin panel -> Plugin & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product

Then upload file product-123flashchat.xml, and click "Import" button.

Thirdly, refresh your webpage, you will find "123FLASHCHAT" tab in the left menu, click "Chat Settings" button to enter the setting panel.

1. Server Mode and Integration URL
Here you may define the chat server mode (self hosted, TOPCMM paid hosting or TOPCMM free hosting) in the Basic Setting.
If you choose Chat server hosted by your own, please set Auth-URL by the instructions that mentions from1.1~1.5.

If you choose Chat server hosted by 123FlashChat, not only you need to set Auth-URL by the instructions that mentions from1.1~1.5, but also write your Chat Client Location.

Or you choose Chat server hosted by 123FlashChat free of charge, please fill in your chat room name. (If you leave room name as blank, the default room name's value will be your domain's name.)

If you choose first mode or second mode, you need to set Auth-URL by the instructions below.


1.1 Log in the Chat Admin Panel from vBulletin ACP


1.2 System Settings -> Integrate Panel ->DataBase -> SELECT: URL -> edit

1.3 Change URL which has Auto-detected for you.


1.4 Press OK to save your setting.

1.5 Restart chat server at System Management -> Restart


2. The following data of the chat room can display on vBulletin index page to attract more users to join chatting.

Total rooms, total connections, online users
Chat room list
Online user list

The 3 types of data can be individually disabled to display if you need.


3. Various chat clients and different open modes

You need to choose a chat client according to your need, as following:
Flash Chat Client (standard, with full features),
HTML/Ajax Chat Client (simple and neat)
Avatar Chat Client (with walking cartoon figures).
Also please set the chat client presents embedded or popup.


4. Change size, language and skin

You can change chat window size, language and a proper skin to match your website.

Nine skins options are available:

Nine skins options are available

After setting, please click "Save" to save your 123FlashChat Configuration.

Finally, Please enter your vBulletin Admin Panel -> Styles & Templates -> Click on: Style Manager -> Edit Templates (in All Style Options)->"footer"(double click);

{vb:rawphrase powered_by_vbulletin}

After add
<br />Powered by 123 <a href="" target="_blank">Flash Chat</a> Copyright &copy; 2010 <a href="" target="_blank">TopCMM Software Limited</a> All rights reserved.

Click "SAVE TEMPLETE" to save your change

Integration done, enjoy your chat.

If you have any questions about chat room, please visit
You can also send email to, we offer free integration service for license buyer and yearly hosting buyer.

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