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123 Flash Chat Load Balancer

123 Flash Chat Load Balancing Edition

123 Flash Chat has introduced the load balancing technology, therefore, the java chat server can run on multiple servers, and support millions of concurrent users and thousands of rooms, without any decreasing in running speed, and it is also very stable.

A load balancer in 123 Flash Chat Server can divide the work of one server to multiple servers, so that more connections will be dealt with at the same time and in general, all users will get served faster.

With the load balancing edition, the server cluster can run simultaneously as if it is a single server, with the goal of optimizing system performance. This results in higher availability and scalability, and makes 123FlashChat particularly suit websites crawling under very high loads while needing persistence in connection.

Schematic Diagram for 123 Flash Chat Load Balancing Edition

Purchase 123 Flash Chat Load Balancing Edition

$3999 (For one physical server) + $2000 (For each additional server)

Buy Now

If you already bought an unlimited license of 123 Flash Chat, you are welcome to upgrade to the Load Balancing edition by making up the price difference, to support more concurrent users and offer faster speed.

What do I get with $3999?

  • Load Balancing edition license (for unlimited concurrent users)
  • Installation and configuration instructions.
  • Installation and Integration service on request.
  • Configuration service.
  • Multiple database integration advice on request.


Please contact to request load balancing edition of 123 Flash Chat with your specs.


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