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How to add a chat room to your IP.Board 2.x?

How to add a chat room to your IP.Board 2.x?

To add a feature-rich chat room to your IP.Board 2.x, please refer to the following instructions.

Firstly, please download IP.Board 2.x chat module, and uncompress the package.
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Then copy files.

1. Copy: 123flashchat.php
To: <IPB installed directory>/123flashchat.php

2. Copy: chatwinsize.php
To: <IPB installed directory>/chatwinsize.php

3. Copy: functions_chat.php
To: <IPB installed directory>/functions_chat.php

4. Copy: login_chat.php
To: <IPB installed directory>/login_chat.php

5. Copy: folder flashchatconf/
To: <IPB installed directory>/flashchatconf/

6. Copy: style_images/1/123flashchat.gif
To: <IPB installed directory>/style_images/<them of template>/123flashchat.gif

Secondly, edit files.

1. OPEN: <IPB installed directory>/index.php
// Set up our language choice
include "functions_chat.php";
include "flashchatconf/config.php";

$chatters = getChatters ();
$user_list = getChatterList ();

if($running_mode != 3){
$ipsclass->vars['flashchat_room'] = "There are <b>".$chatters ['room_numbers']." </b> rooms<br>";
$ipsclass->vars['flashchat_connection'] = "There are <b>".$chatters ['connections']." </b> connections<br>";
$ipsclass->vars['flashchat_logon'] = "There are <b>".$chatters ['logon_users']." </b> logon users<br>";
$ipsclass->vars['flashchat_list'] = "User list: <b>".$user_list." </b> <br><br>";

2. Please login IPB Admin Panel -> "Look & Feel".

IPB Admin Panel

Then according to the title of your skin, click "Edit Template HTML".

Then according to the title of your skin, Edit Template HTML

Choose Board Index -> birthdays

-> birthdays

Add following code to the front of content, then Save Template Bit.

<!-- 123 Flash Chat Server Software Mod Begin -->
<tr><td class="row1" width="1%"><a href="" onClick="openChat
();return false;" onMouseOver="window.status='123flashchat';return true"><img
<#IMG_DIR#>/123flashchat.gif' border='0' alt='Closed' /></a></td>
<td class="row2">
<script language="javascript" src="chatwinsize.php"></script>
<!-- 123 Flash Chat Server Software Mod End -->

Save Template Bit

3. Choose All Global Html -> global board header
global board header

<a href="{$this->ipsclass->base_url}act=calendar">{$this->ipsclass->lang['tb_calendar']}</a>

After Add
<a href="" onClick="openChat();return false;" onMouseOver="window.status='123flashchat';return true">


Thirdly, configure the parameters of the running mode you choose.

1. Please choose the running mode according to your needs.
Configuration path: <IPB installed directory>/flashchatconf/config.php

Please configure the following parameters:
Configuration reference:
$running_mode = 1; (only 1 or 2 or 3)

(1) Chat server is hosted by your own ($running_mode = 1).
If your chat is hosted by your own, 123FlashChat server software should be installed at first, please download 123FlashChat software.
Free Download
Configuration path:
<IPB installed directory>/flashchatconf/config_local.php
Configure the following parameters:
$chat_group = "default";
$client_size_width = 634;
$client_size_height = 476;
$chat_data_path = "<123flashchat install directory>/server/data/default/";
$primary_server_host = "localhost";
$primary_server_port = 51127;
$chat_client_root_path = "http:// <IPB installed directory>/client/";
$swf_file_name = "123flashchat.swf";

(2) Chat server is hosted by ($running_mode = 2).
If your chat is hosted by, no 123FlashChat server software is needed to be installed; you may connect to your host chat room directly.
Configuration path: <IPB installed directory>/flashchatconf/config_host.php
Configure the following parameters:
Configuration reference:
$chat_group = "default";
$client_size_width = 634;
$client_size_height = 476;
$primary_server_host = "";
$primary_server_port = 51128;
$chat_client_root_path = "http://host*";
$swf_file_name = "123flashchat.swf";

(3) Chat server is hosted by free of charge ($running_mode = 3).
If you need to use this service, no 123FlashChat server software is needed to be installed, We will provide you free chat room, and you can choose the room name as you want.
Free Hosting
Configuration path: <IPB installed directory>/flashchatconf/config_free.php
Configure the following parameters:
$room_name = "YourRoomName";
(If you leave $room_name as blank, the default $room_name's value will be your domain's name.)


Finally, integrate your chat with IPBoard user database, after do that, users can single sign-on your IPB chat, it means they won't have to enter their accounts again.
If you choose running mode 1 or mode 2, you need to set Auth-URL by following the instructions below.
Please set Auth-URL by following the instructions below.

1. Log in the Admin Panel of your 123FlashChat server
System Settings -> Integrate Panel

2. Find: DataBase -> SELECT: URL -> edit

3. Change URL: http://<IPB installed directory>/login_chat.php? username=%username%&password=%password%

4. Press OK to save your setting.

5. Restart chat server at System Management -> Restart

The following image describes how auth-URL integration works.

The Auth-URL application will perform as the communicating medium of the chat server and the database, i.e.: in fact, when a user logs on a chat server, the server won't connect to the user database directly, instead, it will send the username and password to the Auth- URL. Then the Auth- URL requests the database to authenticate the user. Finally, the Auth- URL will return the feedback to the chat server in a predefined way, whether approved or declined.

Integration done, enjoy your chat.

Nine skins options are available:

Nine skins options are available

If you have any questions about chat room, please visit
You can also send email to, we offer free integration service for license buyer and yearly hosting buyer.

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